About Us

HK is a premier system integration provider renowned for its specialization in Voice, Data, Telecom, IT  & Power Solutions  . Our core competency lies in delivering comprehensive in-house services encompassing IT, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, fire suppression systems, CCTV, and access control, including tailored steel fabrication. We offer exclusive services to enterprises seeking dependable supply chains backed by our proficient staff. Collaborating closely with local suppliers and international manufacturers, we ensure timely delivery of precisely tailored solutions according to your specific needs. Committed to customer satisfaction, we take pride in our post-sales support, boasting a team of highly skilled professionals always ready to assist.

We offer 24/7 SLA-based Maintenance & Facility Management services, backed by a strong nationwide presence and in-house tier 2 level technical support. Constantly innovating and improving our offerings, we adjust to changing customer needs, readily accommodating any required revisions.