Innovasis AVR

The innovasis AVR is a revolutionary inverter that enables you to take advantage of the latest technology, while retaining the reliability and efficiency you’re used to.

The innovasis AVR offers 3 phase in / 3 phase out capability, which means you can run three separate loads at once, or two loads simultaneously and one load in between. This not only saves space but also helps save energy. With an ultra-fast regulation system and smart driver technology, it helps regulate the power usage efficiently so that your system doesn’t waste energy.

With its high efficiency rating, the innovasis AVR ensures that it’s efficient in operation, even if there are multiple loads being used at once. This makes it ideal for industries where there is a lot of fluctuation in power usage such as hotels or restaurants because it will be able to cope with sudden spikes in demand without causing any damage to itself or other parts of your system!

The innovasis AVR has digital display screens which show input and output measurements as well as current status of your system. These displays also give access to remote control functionality so that you can monitor your inverter from anywhere in the world using any device with internet access (mobile phone app etc.)